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       Siam Paragon Solutions Co., Ltd. We are experts in the food production and packaging industry. With knowledge from more than 20 years of experience in sourcing and inventing high-quality machinery solutions to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. Both in terms of maximum production efficiency and reasonable price. Increase the opportunity to access production technology and business competitiveness. Including solving the problem of reducing human labor to reduce costs in the production process.

        Our after-sales customer care service has ready in the field of consulting machine training from a team of experts with experience Including spare parts services that are ready to meet the needs of customers quickly. We also have a team of engineers who can design machine solutions according to customer requirements. Including having a machine to test the efficiency in use before making a decision.


821 Moo 3, Soi Thanpooying, Theparak Road,
Theparak, Mueang Samut Prakan,
Samut Prakan 10270 Thailand.


98/98 Moo 12, Bangpla, Bang Phli,
Sumut Prakan 10540 Thailand. 
  Company Name  Siam Paragon Solutions Co., Ltd.
  Date of Establishment  January 3, 1997
  Businesses  BU1. : Metal Work Service  (
  BU2. : Manufacturer and Distributor of machinery in the food industry
  Main Products

  Food slicer& dicer, Automatic filling & sealing machines, Vacuum Packaging 
machines, Checkweigher, Multi-head weigher, inspection, Washing machines, Packing line solutions, etc.

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